No events are too big or too small for our AV Rental team. For us, your event is the most important one because we know it is most important to you.

Many events have standard AV Rental requirements, but we are happy to offer customized solutions for whatever you are planning. We have a full range of professional quality AV Rental equipment to deliver the technology you need.

Receiving an award is a highlight for anyone. As the planner of an award ceremony, you want to make this event special. Let us help you recognize your recipients with a professional looking event that hits all the right marks with you and your guests.

Videos and Power Points are frequently a part of these events and Westminster Technologies can easily handle either. We have a variety of Event Packages designed to help you easily choose which AV Rental technology is best for your event, but we can also customize any set for your specific requirements.

We have also been asked by groups to provide video production services, including editing a video to be shown at your event, or shooting video of the event to be edited and shared with attendees at a later date.

If there are invited guests who are unable to attend, another option is to have us webcast your event. Now, everyone can join in the celebration of awards no matter where they are. Westminster Technologies will come out in advance to test the Internet connections and make sure the streaming is as good as being there.

Larger events may need cameras shooting live video which is projected to screens on a stage so all attendees have a good view. Westminster Technologies has you covered for your Award Ceremony. Just let us know what would make it perfect for you and let us do the rest.

This event looks fantastic because of Westminster. We could not put this event together and make it look as clean and professional without you. I’ve worked with a lot of AV companies in Northeast Ohio. I’m so impressed and so happy with everything you’ve done. You’re always one step ahead of everything that needs to be done. Hands down, I would definitely recommend you.
— Jennifer Highfield, Director of Advancement for The West Side Catholic Center